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About us 

Alix & Flo it is - 2 nationalities, 4 countries, 11129 km, 4hrs difference, 2 mums, 3 kids, a friendship and a big love for colours, print & patterns.


Between London & Buenos Aires, here we are, Alix & Flo, two creative individuals sharing our love for print, pattern and colours. We met online when working together for a creative agency. We would always be super excited to work on the same project because we knew it would be fun. Ideas were fusing and we always felt like we were on the same page. Work made easy and fun!


The idea of making something together and have our own creative on-going project flourished into making what we do best: fun and colourful print and pattern for kids, together! Let’s see what happens!

Alix Bigois

Textile and Graphic designer based in London

Where from/Living in: From Nice, living in London

Favourite food: Salmon sushi & margherita pizza

Favourite place: By the ocean in Capbreton, France

Favourite word: Zouzou (a friendly name my mum gave me that

I now use to call my boys)

Favourite film or song: The Royal Tenenbaums by Wes Anderson (and all his films really) & all Arcade Fire music

Favourite A&F collection: Nature is Bold, I love everything about it, the colours, topic, shapes, scales. Everything. 

Inspirational person(s): My mum for her resilience, Matisse for

his art, my sons for how they see life


Florencia Mazza

Textile and Graphic designer based in Buenos Aires

Where from/Living in: Born, raised and living in Buenos Aires

Favourite food: Ice cream

Favourite place: Any place with family and friends around a table

Favourite word: Cachivache (spanish word to describe a weird

and unused, useless object)

Favourite film or song: Laurence Anyways by Xavier Nolan.

Life on Mars by David Bowie

Favourite A&F collection: AIME-OTIONS, it expresses my emotions everyday in lockdown.  

Inspirational person(s): My daughter for her imagination

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